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A view of Veliko Gradišče (left) and Kokoš (right) from Lokavsko polje

Kokoš is one of the summits in the range of hills that divides the Sežana Karst (more accurately Lokavsko polje) from the Gulf of Trieste. These hills are criss-crossed with hiking paths and cycling and horse-riding tracks and so are ideal for spring and autumn walks (you'll probably avoid going in summer because of the heat); the paths take you right from Lipica and practically as far as the caves Škocjanske jame. Kokoš and the nearby Vroče spring are obviously a popular destination with local mountaineers if I judge by the excellently arranged paths, and benches and tables placed beside them. There are two routes leading to Kokoš from Lokev, which enables you to make a fine round trip.

Basic data


An economically waymarked path, steep at moments. The lack of way-marks is more than compensated for by the excellent signposts.


Kokoš is reached from Lokev, a karst village only about 10 minutes' drive from Divača.


Lokev – Kokoš (via Prelože): 1 hour, 30 minutes
Return towards Lokev: 1 hour
Total: 2.5 – 3 hours


670 m

Height difference

210 m


The route partly runs over karst meadows, so I wouldn't go there in the summer heat. In spring you'll enjoy the meadow flowers, and in autumn the seasonal colours of the Karst.

Recommended equipment

The path is occasionally steep and slippery – so good footwear and trekking poles are appropriate.


Primorje in Kras, izletniška karta, 1 : 50 000

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Translated by Margaret Davis
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