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St. Ivan and Šebrelje

A circular route around Šebreljska planota


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Strolling on Šebreljska planota

It's certainly sensible to continue your ascent to the margin of Šebreljska planota with a leisurely walk around this hilly and sunny plateau. The cart-track leads you from sv. Ivan to the village of Dolenja vas, where it changes into a narrow asphalt road (now and then we mountaineers must pay the price of progress), which after a short ascent past Kovk, which rises on the left, leads to the meadows and fields around beautifully arranged Gorenja vas. Before the cross-roads where the road from Stopnik enters the village, turn left uphill between the old houses tightly squeezed together to the church of sv. Jurij (St. George) and then continue left by the church and slowly start to return towards Srednja vas.

Sv. Jurij

Behind the first houses the asphalt road changes to a cart-track that takes you straight ahead but just before the next stretch of asphalt begins you turn up to the right along a rather indistinct cart-track. This soon changes into a well-trodden little path leading behind the houses towards Kovk (where you'll quickly notice an enclosure used for breeding deer). When the path reaches the meadow below the enclosure it disappears; look for its continuation on the edge of the forest straight across the meadow.

After a short walk through the forest you find yourself in the next meadow, where the path changes into a cart-track beside a log cabin and brings you to the houses in Dolenja vas. From there return by the cart-track to sv. Ivan and then descend to the valley by the waymarked path or the route past Divje babe.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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