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St. Ivan and Šebrelje

The descent into the Sevnica valley


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Those who like finding almost forgotten and abandoned little paths will certainly enjoy the descent by the old path into the Sevnica valley, which the local people used whenever the route via sv. Ivan was too hot. The path is very accurately shown on the Geodetska uprava 1:25 000 map so that lucky owners of a GPS receiver will easily find it, but others with keen eyes and a little orienteering ability won't have any difficulties.

A view of the precipitous
cliffs below sv. Ivan

Munh is still far down
in the valley

The route begins where the path past Srednja vas towards Dolenja vas loses itself in the meadow. Instead of searching for its continuation straight ahead on the far side of the meadow, turn down some thirty metres or so over the slope and look for a path that from the edge of the forest gradually drops down towards the north (to the left). A short descent is followed by some rock steps that enable you to overcome a short rock wall. Soon after that you'll notice a fork: the righthand path leads towards the Čufar farm, but you turn left and in a few minutes come to interesting rock overhangs (according to the locals' accounts, chasms in these rocks are linked with Divje babe, while an attentive ear will also catch the sound of subterranean waters).

Along the Sevnica

From here the path still leads you leftwards, reaching a small grassy ridge.  With a few strides along the ridge you can detour to a viewing point from which you'll admire the cliffs below sv. Ivan, then return to the path and continue to drop down along the gully/ravine. At the start of the gully the path virtually disappears by a rockfall; look for its continuation lower down in the forest, and then a definite little path leads all the way to the meadows above Munh (a farm immediately above the Sevnica river). At the beginning of the meadows the path is sliced by scree; skirt this along its upper edge, and then try to follow the path through the tall grass that covers the abandoned meadows above the farm.

When you reach the farm, you'll soon notice an old broad cart-track which goes to the right into the valley.  This quickly narrows to a path that takes you to a stream.  Cross this by the stones (probably there is a bridge but I didn't find it), and then head uphill by an old hay-hut to a cart-track that soon drops down to the next farm (Munhajše). There a macadam road begins which leads you beside the stream to the turning by the hay-hut where you started the ascent to Šebrelje.  Only some minutes' walk now remains back to the carpark.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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