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You set out for Slavnik from Podgorje, a village 8 km from the highway Ljubljana-Koper. You reach Podgorje most easily by leaving the motorway at the Kastelec exit (immediately after a tunnel, if you travel from the Ljubljana direction) and then follow the signs for Podgorje.

Immediately before the beginning of the village, you cross the railway line (beside the railway station), and shortly afterwards a sign for a carpark directs you right to a fine visitors' carpark, where you can also get a map of the locality showing the waymarked paths to Slavnik and Kojnik. 

You will notice on this map that two paths lead to Slavnik from Podgorje, which means you can add variety to the trip – we will reach Slavnik by the easier path and descend by the steep one.

The map at the carpark

A corrected map with correctly drawn paths to Slavnik

Note: The steep path to Slavnik is shown incorrectly on both the mountain map and the map at the carpark. The correct course of the path is drawn on the map sent by Ivan Jurkovič – thank you very much.

Ascent to Slavnik by the easier route

The route to Slavnik

The first glimpse of the sea

The summit of Slavnik

Return to the main road, turn left by the shrine into the village but then do not follow the first waymarks (which direct you to the steep path) but continue along the asphalt road until a signpost for the easier path points you left towards the hillside.

This path first runs through the forest almost parallel with the ridge and then slowly turns left to the hill between Špetovka and Vršiče. Here the forest thins, as the path passes alternately through copses, bushes and karst meadows. Such a varied environment is still favourable in autumn for the growth of many interesting wild flowers from cyclamen, knapweeds and pinks to campanulas and blue eryngo.

Towards the end of the ascent through the forest the first view of the Adriatic Sea opens up and soon afterwards you reach the karst meadows on the top of Slavnik. Here a protected region on the summit begins, and you also catch your first sight of the summit with the hut Tumova koča and a radio transmitter.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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