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A view of the
Bohinj mountains

Now you can continue your way towards Viševnik. The path first crosses the alp and then divides – to the right is a path avoiding the summit of Viševnik, leading across Kačji rob towards the mountain hut Blejska koča, while the path straight ahead over the grassy slope leads to the summit; this begins to climb steeply again towards the ridge between Plesišče and Viševnik. On these grassy slopes you will notice the first spring gentians, oxlips and alpine butterwort.

A short ascent brings you to a small saddle in the ridge from where the view to the west first opens up – below you lies the Konjščica alp, with Uskovnica behind it, while in the background are the mountain tops around Lake Bohinj. The vegetation around shows that you've come above the tree-line, for only dwarf pine grows here, but not so densely that it would seriously hinder your progress. Above you the goal of your trip is now visible – the rocky summit of Viševnik, which can be reached after about 45 minutes' ascent.

A view of Triglav

The last ridge below
the summit

The slope you're following first rises quite gently but the path soon becomes steep again, and leads you onto the east ridge of Viševnik, where a few minutes' walk along the rocky path brings you to the summit itself.

Throughout the climb to Viševnik you can enjoy views of Pokljuka and as soon as you're above Plesišče you notice the Bohinj mountains, while from the top of Viševnik there is a vista of Triglav and his neighbours, and you can also see part of Lake Bohinj – in fine weather the view is superb.

After a short rest you can return by the same route to your starting-point or continue the trip to the mountain hut Blejska koča on Lipanca, from where you return to Rudno polje.

The view from Viševnik

Another suggestion for a considerably shorter round tour – drop down from Viševnik over the saddle Srenjski preval towards the Lipanca alp but then turn right onto the path which climbs from Pokljuka over Kačji rob to Lipanca, and return by this route to Rudno polje.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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