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From Viševnik to Lipanca


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The path to Lipanca leads over the summit of Viševnik along the rocky ridge where you descend above the mountain's steep western slopes towards Srenjski preval. On the saddle the path divides – straight ahead the path leads below Draški vrh over another saddle, Studorski preval, to the mountain hut Vodnikov dom, while the path towards Lipanca drops to the right into the basin below Viševnik. There are only a few waymarks at the fork  but some metres lower down you find the first waymark beside the path, so you can't get lost – the continuation of the path across the basin is very clearly visible.

The descent from Viševnik,
Draški vrh in the background

A view of Viševnik

The basin below

The last remnants
of snow

In mid-June you'll still find in this basin remnants of snow which you must tramp through as you ascend out of the basin. But not to worry, the snow is your friend this time – while it is melting, soldanella will probably be in flower.  On the edge of the basin the path leading to Blejska koča over Kačji rob joins your route from the right. You can use this way for a shorter round tour back to Rudno polje, but we'll continue along the varied path that runs first under the steep, rocky northern slopes of Selišnik and then over pine-grown slopes towards Debeli vrh.

The path avoids Debeli vrh along its eastern side and slowly begins to descend, as you notice also with the density of dwarf pine, which in places quite unpleasantly grows over the path. Past Debeli vrh you come under Vrh Razora, from where you can see the route on the neighbouring slope as it winds above the valley of Zgornji Razor and by which you descend to Blejska koča.

Debeli vrh and Vrh Razora

The steep faces above Krma

The path around Zgornji Razor

The final view of the ridges around Viševnik

Blejska koča on Lipanca

Prior to the descent the path forks once more – the left one leads up to Mrežce and Lipanski vrh while you drop gently down to Blejska koča. You soon cross the tree-line again, the dwarf pine is replaced by sparse spruce forest and the walk becomes much more pleasant. After 20 minutes' descent the path from Mrežce joins in again from the left and only a few hundred metres remain to the mountain hut Blejska koča on Lipanca.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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