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With this project I tried to build an exquisite, yet subdued box, an ideal gift for people who appreciate the simple beauty of wood (like my wife). The whole design follows this philosophy - from the choice of woods (walnut and cherry) to the overall design with no outstanding features. 

A lot of time was spent on details - from the lid joinery, where the lid frame is built with bridle joints, to footed base and laminated keys inserted into the carcass to reinforce it.

The lid is attached to the carcass with polished brass hinges. A brass chain allows the lid to open just past the vertical position and thus protects both the lid and the hinges.

A combination of walnut and cherry wood used in the lid is repeated with the interior dividers. The interior is lined with velvet.

To preserve the natural feel of the wood, I've finished the box with a mixture of Danish oil and beeswax.


Carcass is made of walnut with laminated keys made of aspen and walnut. The lid is made from walnut frame with cherry panel, interior dividers are combination of cherry and walnut.


Beeswax + Danish Oil from Tried & True Wood Finishes.


Design from Box-Making Basics by David M. Freedman

©Ivan Pepelnjak, 2002–2006

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