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This  gift box is made from the wood of Chilean cherry, giving the box a characteristic dark red-brown color. The box is finished with natural boiled linseed oil that preserves the natural feel of the wood.
The panel in the box lid is made from highly figured wood. The panel in the picture was made from European oak veneer.
The box lid uses no hinges, it's individually fitted to the carcass to ensure lid stability while retaining the smooth opening of the box. The box bottom or the whole interior is lined with velvet.
This cherry box is ideal for small gifts. The box in the picture contains two small flasks, one with Swedish bitter and the other one with rue bitterwort. 


Carcass is made of Chilean cherry, lid is veneered European walnut


Danish Oil


Design influenced by ideas from Box-Making Basics by David M. Freedman

©Ivan Pepelnjak, 2002–2006

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